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Warmly celebrate Shandong Yongsheng rubber group established "Yongsheng love fund"

Date:8/17/2016 04:59 PM

In September 27, 2010, an invigorating autumn climate, sunny, Yongsheng rubber group "Yongsheng love fund" set up the general assembly and donation ceremony officially kicked off in front of the office building. The Liu Zijiang manager pointed out in his speech: the establishment of fund is the original intention of you do everything in one's power to donate their love, make Yongsheng Group employees get care and help in the face of unexpected events. Embodies the "one man is in difficulty, help comes from all quarters" humanistic atmosphere and Insein spirit of solidarity.
Established love fund has been a positive response from the masses of staff, have to ask for donations, up to now, love fund has received the employee contributions to 26684.1 yuan. Love fund will be in accordance with the "Donation Law" and other laws and regulations to manage and use. In line with the principle of voluntariness, company in September each year to organize a employees gathered donations, in addition, love fund annual donations received daily. As long as the employees Yongsheng group, can apply for to love fund is difficult in the family with the subsidy. Love fund company commissioned financial department set up special account storage, and to ensure that the account is special, special fund is special. Fund accounts published twice a year, accept the supervision and audit, review and the staff.
The progress of the times, the improvement of the social civilization level, a measure of whether the enterprise is mature, the standard is not accumulated much capital, but its ability to consciously assume responsibility; similarly, the measure of a man is successful or not, is not the possession of money, but whether to assume corresponding social responsibility. Love fund, is the embodiment of the staff responsible attitude, reflects the mutual help workers noble character. Yongsheng group staff to make positive contribution for his kindness for construction of safe community and harmonious society. 

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